Balloon Services


At Cheshire Balloons we can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary spectacle. Balloons add colour and life to all events!Whether your venue is small or large, floating balloons are sure to create a big impact. It could be a Christmas party, wedding or corporate function, but we can cater for any occasion. Balloon arch, columns, sculptures or balloon bouquet create impact and colour. The use of balloons is as wide as your imagination.

Decoration Sculptures


Each bouquet can be supplied with a choice of base.

  • Hand made table weight with colour co-ordination tissue.
  • Ready made table weight, colour co-ordinated.
  • Single 5" balloon base with bow, colour co-ordinated.
  • Double 5" balloon base, colour co-ordinated.
  • Double 5" balloon base with bow, colour co-ordinated.



The Double bubble bouquet gives high impact to any venue. A 16" clear balloon is stuffed with a 11" coloured balloon. The clear balloon can be supplied plain or with writing & patterns. View our gallery  to see a few designs.  To add further impact the ribbons down to the base can be replaced with tulle.The base can be designed to your requirements or use the suggested bases as above for the table bouquets.


A balloon arch is an eye catching arc of colour which frames an area such as a bridal top table, stage or stairway. The most popular balloon arch is the single line arch made of a row of 11" pearl latex balloons weighted at both ends by an attractive balloon bow base. View the gallery to see rows of single balloon arch on a stairway at Dukes 92 in Castlefield. Other arches comprise of a double bubble single line arch, double line arches, double line arches with double bubble on second line, and spiralling arch. 



Fantasy clouds make a tremendous Top Table Backdrop. The middle cloud can be topped with a 3ft balloon. For large top tables we can make it a 5 cloud arrangement. To complete a venue with matching table single clouds all set a different heights gives a floating impression.



Swirl hearts make a grand focal point! This 5ft heart is created using 5"balloons, it can be hung from ceiling, or can be placed on a small coloumn of matching swirling balloons, or can be fitted to a table mount which looks fantastic in a big window.


The ballon bomb  is 3ft latex balloon filled with small 5" latex balloons and flutter confetti. It can be suspended above a dance floor and colour matched to the themed event. It can be exploded in two different ways, either manually by using a wand or by pushing a button which has been wired to a firing box. An ideal explosion of colour to any dance floor at the end of a evening to make it a event to remember..


Balloon decoration is versatile and colourful, and can make a dull space burst with life - even an hospital room. Balloons make an excellent gift when sent in a box and convey a special message "Good Luck in your new home", "Got a bug, hope you feel better soon", "Best Wishes on your wedding day".

Foil Balloons are the new alternative to flowers and "FAT FREE" compaired with most boxes of chocolates. They can be a great way of sending your special message to friends and members of your family that live long distances away and can be sent by post to address within the United Kingdom.



At Cheshire Balloons we can also put gifts inside a balloon. A teddy inside a balloon with "Its a Boy" written all over the balloon makes an excellent gift for a new arrival or hide that long awaited engagement ring inside a balloon filled with many small balloons.

You can choose from our selection of gifts or we can stuff your own gift within the balloon (depending on size). We can also deliver stuffing balloons around the United Kingdom by post or deliver locally by hand.

Add a foil balloon to your delivery and it will add a fantastic surprise.

Singing Balloons

These giant 28" foil balloons have the added extra. You tap the front of the balloon and a small chip inside the balloon allows it to sing. Each different design sings a different song, the sound quality is superb, and the balloon is gauranteed to last for at least 50 plays.

So you may wish someone "happy birthday" or "be my valentine"